Teeth Whitening FAQ’s.

A full laser whitening treatment will generally get your teeth to as white as they can naturally go. To maintain this shade improvement Limerick Teeth Whitening strongly recommends the use of a post treatment take home kit. A take home kit will not only maintain the level of whitening, it will also discourage build up of plaque on the fronts of the teeth reducing the chance of periodontal related diseases. Due to these health and aesthetic benefits Limerick Teeth Whitening sells take home kits very close to cost price at €60.

Treatment takes one hour including same day consultation.

Yes. You should only have your teeth whitening treatment done by a registered dentist or dental professional who is authorised to conduct this treatment. Avoiding beauty salons will significantly reduce any risk of cross contamination or patient-to-patient transmission of infectious disease. Please only use a dental professional.

The teeth whitening process will only remove intrinsic staining from natural teeth. However, the gel will help remove all extrinsic staining from teeth, including false teeth. This means that your false teeth will be ‘cleaned’ back to their original colour.

If you are planning to have a crown, bridge, filling or false tooth, it is recommended that you first have your teeth whitened. Your dentist will then be able to match the shade of the false tooth to your new colour.

No. The treatment does not change the shape or structure of your teeth anyway.

Results will last between 12 and 18 months. Some clinics might tell you that results will last for more than three years but we have found this not to be the case. Teeth will always stain due to lifestyle, wear and tear and ageing. Limerick Teeth Whitening rewards returning customers with a loyalty scheme.

No. Our all new gels and laser systems ensure a sensitive free treatment in 90% of cases. Some patients may experience minor sensitivity.

Results are immediate! There is no waiting around for 2 or 3 weeks to see the results. As soon as you are finished with your laser teeth whitening treatment, you will look in the mirror and see the results. If we do not whiten your teeth, you will not be charged for the procedure.

On average we whiten teeth 8 shades. This depends on the mineral content contained in the dentin of your teeth. Results will therefore vary between individuals. Mineral content depletes with age, by the foods you ingest, and can also be affected by medicines that you may have taken as a child. Generally speaking, we will get your teeth to as white as they were when you were a teenager and sometimes whiter. Some people prefer not to have this level of whiteness, and should request prior to a procedure not to have their teeth whitened too dramatically.

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